Cuvée Traditionnelle 2015

Bottling date: July 2016

The 2015 Cuvée Traditionnelle is a well-balanced wine with a lot of flavours. You will be surprised by the fruit that will come through your palate. Taste it, leave your glass for few minutes and taste again.... yes it is very surprising how the wine will open beautifully. 

AppellationAOC Bordeaux Supérieur
Varietalmerlot - cabernet sauvignon - cabernet franc
AgingS/S tank
Colourrubis red
Nosered fruits
Tasteull-bodied, blend with soft tannins, marked acidity, and an extended length
To serve 18 ºC
Wine pairingbeef sirloin, a duck salade, pizza
To drinkon release (July 2016) or to keep for 5 to 8 years