Cuvée Gaïa


The return of the white grape-blanc-vendeange-2016

Anne-Cécile always knew she will be working at the chateau and when she decided to start winemaking , she also decided that she will be producing a great white wine. Her wish was to make a wine that will be light and refreshing but with personality. So she decided to go for 3 different grapes varietals. In 2011, a block of 0.80 hectare was chosen on our land after making sure it was the best soil for the grapes. 

The soil charged with clay with a limestone bedrock at the far west end of the estate was definitely the best for the grapes we picked:

  • Sauvignon blanc
  • Semilllon
  • Muscadelle 

We hand harvest in the morning to make the most of the freshness. We sort the grapes on the vines and keep only the most matured ones. The harvest is brought to the cellar where it will be passing into the  stalk separator and crusher so we only have the fruit left. From here, it goes into the press where slowly we will extract the jus. We keep the wine in tank during the winemaking process. We can do few stirring to give some fat, or body, to the wine. Stirring means getting the lees in suspension. 

This winemaking method allows us to produce a delicate white wine, with a fruity nose and a round mouth.  

To fully appreciate the wine, serve it fresh . 
It will be the perfect match for a seafood platter, a fish dish our just for a refreshing drink after a long day.