Château des Arras Cuvée Traditionnelle

  • cuvee traditionnelle bottle


We named this wine "cuvée Traditionnelle" because since the first bottles of Château des Arras were released the wine  hasn't changed... almost! 

Of course crop and wine making processes have evolved but our blending and aging process have stayed the same.

In few words, this is how we make the Cuvée Traditionnelle:
We machine harvest all the vines. The Harvest is brought into the cellar on a special trailer and poured into the stalk separator - crusher (the stalk being the green part that hold the berries together) and will crushed slightly the berries and release some juice before sending them into the tank.
In the tank, the weight  of the berries will accelerate the extraction of the juice whom will start to colour. The juice takes its red colour from the berries most precisely when it touches the skin. The skin in naturally charged with anthocyanins,  red natural pigments, which are essential for making wines with ageing potential. The longer the juice macerates with the skin the darker it gets. And it also gets loaded with polyphenols, which are natural antioxidant
And now begin the process of fermentation, when the juice will turn into wine, which means the sugar transforms into alcohol. The final step is the malo-lactic fermentation: when the malic acid change into lactic acid. When you don't have any acid malic left you have your fisnihed wine and the aging can start.  Our wine will have few months to rest before bottling. 

Made from 60% of Merlot, 20% of Cabernet Franc and 20% of Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine has fruit and structure. Tannins are generous and bring structure, the grape varietals bring fruits and a medium length finish.

Each year we try to recreate this Cuvee with the characteristics that make it so successful. 



AppellationAOC Bordeaux Supérieur
Varietalsmerlot 60 % - cabernet sauvignon 20% - cabernet franc 20%
Soilclay with limestone
Average vines age50 years
Wine makingblending and aging in S/S tank
To serve18 ºC