Cuvée Gaïa


Anne-Cécile, in her project to take over the property, wanted to create a white wine with character, that's why she chose three grape varieties for its assembly.
In 2011, the reconversion of 86 ares took place after having selected the ideal plot for the white grape varietals.


33 1/3% Sauvignon Blanc - 33 1/3% Muscadelle - 33 1/3% Sémillon


Manual harvest in the morning to enjoy the freshness. Sorting on feet. In the cellar, de-stem clusters before putting them in the press. Cold alcoholic fermentation - no sugar left. A light batonnage is done to give fat to the wine. To stick is to suspend the lees that settle naturally at the bottom of the tank.
This winemaking method allows us to create a white full of freshness, with a delicate nose and a gourmet roundness in the mouth.

Our opinion

The nose is full of fruit with white flesh. It is very expressive thanks to muscadelle. The palate is full and round with a controlled acidity that brings freshness. This wine is ideal as an aperitif or seafood. We also love to pait it with a french blue cheese Fourme d'Ambert.

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Technical datasheet Cuvée Gaïa

Why Gaïa?

In Greek mythology Gaia is the goddess of the earth. Before planting our vines, we searched for the most suitable soil for growing the white varieties we wanted to plant. Our dry lands with limestone bedrock on the southwestern side of the property were ideal.

Gaia is also the name of Anne-Cécile's boxer that can be found on the label.

So much for this cuvée was named Gaia: in homage to our land and to make a small wink to one of our faithful companions and image of the castle.