Our values

Our values




It means being in tune with your environment, the search for a balance between the animal, plant and human kingdoms. This requires respect for the plant, and the application of good practices in the vineyard and in the cellars, hence the importance for us of committing to labels such as
“High Environmental Value”
“Organic Agriculture”

It is also a harmony between sisters, where each has her place and whose complementarity is our strength.
Harmony is found in our cuvées, in which we find all the purity of the grape varieties, the delicate woodiness and the passage of time.
Symbiosis is always possible. With us chickens, cats, dogs, horses and goats rub shoulders, respect and appreciate each other.

Our strength.
Together we preserve this beautiful property that has been handed down to us by our ancestors. Each generation brings new ideas, new projects and protects heritage.

We are perpetuating the savoir faire, as well as the generosity, friendliness and joie de vivre that characterize us. Our animals have a very special place  personality makes them true ambassadors of the castle.

Our family is also yours, it is the community that we create when we open our doors to you, when we go to meet you and when we live unique moments together.
We are independent winegrowers, also a large family of passionate winegrowers attached to common values and a guarantee of authentic wines and personality.

What would our profession be without sharing? Making wine is above all about sharing a passion.
It is to discover know-how, techniques, knowledge of viticulture and oenology. It is an invitation to awareness of the beauty of our environment, the chance we have to see our land producing beautiful grapes, to see the flora and fauna flourish and endure.

It is also to introduce the whole world to French know-how, to showcase our products for which our country is famous throughout the world.

Our values allow us to produce very beautiful wines.
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