Family portrait

Those who accompany us and inspired our labels


The only dog to have his own vintage. the most endearing bitch as her mistress Anne-Cécile likes to say.


He is very cuddly when he knows you. Otherwise you will have little chance to meet him


Has the bad tendency to take you for a tree to rub your head, otherwise it’s love.


Our pottok as mischievous as she is curious. She knows very well how to make herself understood

The latest arrivals


Born here in July 2017, she is the daughter of Gaïa. A real pot of glue that does as it pleases. Growing up with Carlos, she loves swimming and grapes.

Spot alias Kiki

We collected Spot around Christmas 2019 and it was the best gift. He is fearful but very affectionate with his new family.

Les poules

Our hens are all reformed and we offer them a quiet retreat (when Nouba wants it) in the green.

Those who have left us and have marked the life of the castle


Adopted a few years ago, it does not respond to any name but knows how to make itself heard.

Carlas left us in December 2017


She also does not respond to any name. More fearful than her sister but is never far away

Cécilia passed away in December 2017


The most faithful of companions who follows you in all weather in the vineyards.

Carlos passed away in November 2019