Our Terroir

We like to evocate the word terroir but what is it exactly?The terroir is an association of different factors that make the specificity of a vineyard:

the soil - the climate - the people

It is like the ID of the vineyard with geographical, geological and weather features where men bring their knowledge, their savoir-faire to maintain the natural balance and make the soil and cultures blooming.

Why is our terroir unique?

In the 50s our grandfather decided to grow vines, a full underground drainage system was put in place to maintain the natural flow of rainwater and stimulate the vines. Moreover, our soil has the qualities needed to grow vines with a layer of clay that allows the roots to spread and to draw nutriments.

How to make the most of your terroir?

Depending on the quality of the soil, you select the vines that are the most likely to use the natural available resources. The selection depends on a study of the underground. Even though, sometime when the vines get old they will develop differents needs. Bringing natural fertiliser is a good option to help the vines. It is important to respect the natural balance and that we have been doing for a long time by doing a sustainable agriculture and today we go further by doing the HVE certification.