Sustainable Agriculture – We are going further

Since 2003 we have been recognized as a sustainable grower & producer with the french label " Agriculture Raisonnée".
The aim was to have a guide ligne to change things that we were doing wrong and improve what we were doing well in order to respect our environment.
Since then, we have been improving and we were glad to see that suppliers were also making efforts, so together we could all make progress.

Today we want to go further and really reduce our carbon print. That is why we decide to follow the HVE programme. HVE stands for "high Environmental value". The idea is to be respectful of the environnement in the vineyard and in the cellar with a broader spectrum that we did before.
We have just validated the level 1. There si 3 levels and we are aiming at passing the second level by the end of the year.

For us the idea is not to only follow the program for the vineyard but to go sustainable in our day-to-day life too. You can make your own rules.
For instance, for several years we have been using recycled bottles even though it is not in the program. There are little things that we are doing which put together can make a big improvement.

A good wine starts with healthy vines