Our Cuvée Traditionnelle boxed!

Trois fois vin and the château des Arras, a partnership full of flavours

During January subscribers of  troisfoisvins had the chance to get a bottle of our Cuvée Traditionnelle 2014 in their wine box. 

For whom who know the wine box concept, Marie-Dominique Bradford had the brilliant idea to create a wine box to discover new wines every month. Since 2010 subscribers can sign for different plans and get wines selected by this passionate with incredible talent. 

For us it is a great partnership because our Cuvée will be sent in the whole country (France) and that something we can't really logistically achieve.  Can we really go out and knock on every single door! 

If you are satying in PAris, you can check the Trois fois vin wine shop:  12 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth – 75003 Paris (Métro Temple / Métro République).

If you like to cook you can get a receipe to go with the wine here